Ways to interpret and use your scorecard to attain success and growth

Maximize Your Gallup Student Poll Results

Practical ways to use your scorecard to attain classroom success and student growth.

Make your results work for you.

Increase your student and classroom success by using your Gallup Student Poll results to help you identify and take the right actions.

Gallup offers several ways to use your student poll scorecard to build engagement, create hope, foster talent and improve the career and financial literacy of students.

A 90-minute webinar for up to 100 participants hosted by Gallup to define and describe the Gallup Student Poll measures, a review of your district scorecard results and implementation strategy discussion. $1,750

Learn everything you need to know about your Gallup Student Poll results and how to utilize them with your students using the Gallup Student Poll Toolkit for Schools. This brand new toolkit, for $75, provides concrete steps and innovative activities to make student engagement, hope, talent and career and financial literacy a priority at your school.

Gallup education consultants have decades of experience helping school leaders brainstorm creative ways to help students be engaged today and ready for tomorrow.

With a 60-minute coaching call with a Gallup Senior Education Consultant you will:

  • receive personalized guidance and analysis of your schools results
  • learn best practices for engaging students in all four elements of the GSP
  • gain actionable insights based on your school's specific context and data

Please fill out the contact form below to connect or set up a coaching call with a Gallup education expert. $295

Districts can view and analyze their Gallup Student Poll data, which includes group-level data and plug it in to your current measurement. Gallup analysts can also provide customized data solutions for districts. $2,000

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